I had the pleasure of going to the Galapagos Islands in 2007 via a Lindblad Expedition. While not all of the Galapagos images I made are included here, I will be adding more as time passing onward. The Galapagos Islands is a place I will return to through memories and photos for the rest of my life. If you get a chance to travel there, you will not regret it.
Marine Iguana, North Seymour IslandMagnificent Frigatbird, North Seymour IslandTwo Galapagos Sea Lions, North Seymour IslandThree Galapagos Sea Lions, North Seymour IslandFemale Blue-Footed Booby in Nest with Guano Ring and Eggs, North Seymour IslandBlue-Footed Booby Chick, North Seymour IslandSally Lightfoot Crab (Adult), Espanola IslandSally Lightfoot Crab (Juvenile), Espanola IslandSea Lions, Espanola IslandMarine Iguanas, Espanola IslandNazca Masked Booby and Lava Lizard, Espanola IslandEspanola Island Landscape #1Espanola Island Landscape #2Espanola Island Landscape (with Nazca Booby) #3Espanola Island Landscape #4Espanola Island Landscape (with Rainbow & Spray) #5Bird Feathers, Espanola IslandGalapagos Waved Albatross Courtship, Espanola IslandLava Lizard, Espanola IslandNazca Masked Booby (close-up), Espanola Island