These photos reflect my first hour testing the Sigma SD1 Merrill (SD1M) with the infrared blocking filter removed. A R72 filter was placed on the lenses: 12-24mm, 35mm and 70mm macro for testing purposes. On the way to St. Marks NWR, it rained real hard and real fast. As I entered the reserve, it slowed down some, but the first and last shots were captured during a drizzle. It had been since the 1990s when I shot infrared film, but I was ready to do it again, but this time with digital. I received my second used SD1M the day before and spent the morning setting it up for infrared. Nothing was going to stop me from trying it out on this day, not even the rain. Here is a blog post about the shoot.
5:59 PM | A Little Rain is Falling6:05 PM | Rain Has Stopped6:09 PM | The Other Side of the Bridge6:12 PM | An Alligator Lurks Nearby6:17 PM | Pathway of Water and Reeds6:48 PM - Palm Tree and Marsh6:50 PM | Storm Clouds, Lily Pads and Dragonfly6:52 PM | Storm Overhead6:56 PM | Rain Returns, Take Cover