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As I was assembling my Fuji X-Pro2 (XP2) kit, I began looking for a lightweight bag to store it all in. I wanted the bag to carry my lenses in cases, and be easy to work out of from the back of a vehicle. I also use the XP2 in the studio, so the bag had to offer something there as well. Would it be possible to find such a versatile bag? 


Fujifilm X-Pro2 KitFujifilm X-Pro2 KitFuji X-Pro2, X-E2 (Infrared), xf lenses: 14F2.8, 23F2, 35F2 and 56F1.2 APD + ND Filter; Zeiss 32F1.8, Macro Extension Tubes MCEX-11 & 16; Remote Release RR-90, Batteries NP-W126, Pelican Card Case + Extra Cards; ExpoDisc.

My Fuji Mirrorless Kit


Mirrorless Kit Ready for Lightweight BagMirrorless Kit Ready for Lightweight BagEntire kit stored inside Lowepro lens cases and various material pouches. Extra cards are stowed inside a Pelican hard case. Items are ready to go into a lightweight bag.

Kit Packed Inside Lens Cases and Pouches


I use a silver metallic Sharpie for writing the focal length on the top of each lens case. This helps me easily find what I am looking for and helps to keep my gear organized. The lens case sizes I use for my Fuji mirrorless lenses are the Lowpro 8x6cm and 9x9cm, and the 9x13cm case for the XP2 camera body. Lowepro offers a good selection of lens case sizes and I like the protection they offer. 


Fuji xf56mm F1.2 APDFuji xf56mm F1.2 APDLowepro Case 9x9cm housing the 56F1.2 APD Lens, Hood and ND Filter.

Fuji xf56mm F1.2 APD Lens, Hood & ND Filter Inside Lowepro 9x9cm Case


When B&H Photo had the Think Tank Photo CityWalker 30 Messenger Bag on special, I decided I would give it a try. I find the Removable Main Insert very convenient and work out of it when shooting in the studio. I own several Think Tank bags, and the City Walker is the lightest weight of their bags I have, but it has the same quality and design I have grown to appreciate from them. I have used backpacks in the past, but I do not want the weight of a backpack for this kit. I have been using this bag for six months now and so far, it is working out well. It is lightweight, well made, and accommodates my gear the way I like to organize it. 


Packed Fuji Mirrorless KitPacked Fuji Mirrorless KitIt is all in there, plus there is room available for my wallet, keys, business cards, cleaning cloths and more if needed. Working out of it is quick when necessary, and the removable insert is very convenient for placement on the studio cart.

Think Tank CityWalker 30 with Kit Inside Removable Main Insert


When scrambling to grab gear out of the back of a vehicle, I do not worry if the gear rolls around in the lens cases as I toss them in and out of the bag, plus I can easily see if I might be leaving something behind when it is time to pack up. When working on the road, I will often place a lens on the camera and another on my fanny pack for easy reach. The lens cases I use allow me to securely add lenses to my fanny pack or belt.


My Think Tank City Walker 30 with Mirrorless Kit InsideThink Tank City Walker 30 with Mirrorless KitHere is my Think Tank City Walker 30 with the Fuji mirrorless kit stowed safely inside and ready to go to work.

Think Tank CityWalker 30 Packed with Fuji Mirrorless Kit


My mirrorless system bag is not too heavy to carry, but more importantly, my gear is organized to my needs. No matter what type of shooting you do, taking care of your gear should be number one, and being organized is the first step towards creating the versatility you may need. 


All photos ©2017 Darlene Almeda and were made with the Fujifilm x100T.

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