Photo Talk: Hanging Shirts

May 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Hanging ShirtsHanging ShirtsShirts hanging from a shower curtain pole after being ironed; a momentary view of a routine inside a suburban home.

Hanging Shirts | ALPA Max + SK 47xl


This image has been placed in my project, “Beauty in the Ordinary” because it portrays a sense of beauty and hope in a mundane life. Here we see a snapshot of what looks like a lackluster existence, but winkle-free. The shirts have been intentionally pressed and cared for. Who has done this? Either the person wearing the shirts, or the person caring for the person wearing the shirts. This suggests there is a sense of pride and compassion sharing the routine. The careful placement of the shirts on the curtain rod displays a trail of pastel colors that can trigger the imagination to see a rainbow. Was the order of the colors intentional or was it happenstance? The room is gloomy, but the blind has been lifted. A flash of sun brings the possibility of light and color, and the opening for change has been set in motion.



The camera is the ALPA 12 Max with a Schneider 47mm XL lens and a Phase One P45 digital back. The available light was changing quickly, but the gear was ready to roll and anchored on a tripod. The walls were a deep red color and could not help the already long exposure requirements. A long mirror on one side of the room and the ivory colored shower walls helped to add some fill light.

When shooting a digital back with a technical camera such as the ALPA Max with the Schneider lens, there is no EXIF data recorded to the file other than the ASA which was set at 50 due to it being the P45’s optimal setting. Exposure was about 1 second and the aperture was f/11.


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